How To Spot Non-Direct Lenders in Texas

The websites listed below are not actual payday loan companies or credit service organizations(CSOs).  This means they don’t offer Texas payday loans installment financing. Usually, if a lender doesn’t actually fund online payday loans Texas that means they don’t fund online loans in other states as well. If you apply at any of these sites you may run into issues getting a loan. They will match your personal information to a handful of prospective lenders that may or may not offer payday loans in Texas.

For the most part, there is nothing wrong with a matching service.  It would probably be best served to go with the company who’s actually funding the loan.  Don’t waste your time filling out multiple applications. You don’t want personal information blasted throughout the internet. Also, regulations in Texas are getting tougher. More lenders are choosing to pause lending as the laws make it tougher to do business. We’re seeing brick and motor lenders closing up shop in big cities like Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. Some of these companies are now offering financing to residents all throughout Texas(not just in Houston or Dallas). But those financial istitutions are few and far between. Because of this, matching services are forced to sell your information to more and more companies that may or may not offer Texas payday loans. Make it easy on yourself and go with a lender that actually funds online advances Texas. Use our database of Texas financing companies: Lenders that fund online payday loans Texas. With this resource, you can take some time to compare and review interest rates. Look at the different terms from multiple companies who will take an online application.

List of sites that aren’t actual lenders:

We do what we can to update this list of non-direct lenders. Much like our database of Lenders that offer local financig. We welcome information from our web visitors. Please reach out to us if you know of a lender that funds installment or online payday loans Texas. On the flip side of that, let us know if you recently tried to apply with a firm for car title loans, only to find out it was a non-direct lender. This list of lenders does not differentiate between online lenders and offline companies. Most offline lenders or “retail” lenders that promote Texas short term funding will tend to be who you want to work with. Another thing to watch out for is companies who say they’re actual lenders, when they’re really not. These companies will claim to provide installment or payday loans Texas but they’re only going to take your information and market it to other companies. With our updated blog page, we give you ways to find out whether a company is really providing Texas installment loans or not.